About Pilates

The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s as a holistic system of physical and mental conditioning, that when performed correctly, can enhance strength, flexibility and coordination as well as reduce stress and improve mental focus, and foster an improved sense of wellbeing. Pilates is practiced by millions of people and continues to gain followers at an extraordinary rate - surely there is something in that!


The legacy of one determined man, Joseph Pilates, can now be seen and experienced worldwide, from the studios of New York City to living rooms, church halls and sports clubs across the world. Thanks to the dedication of the first and second-generation teachers and those studying with them, ‘Contrology’ as Mr. Pilates called it, will keep its original intentions and integrity for generations to come.

Nicola helped me to realise the importance of mindfulness of the body throughout day to day life using focused precision in her 1:1 classes.  I've gained insight into how to appreciate and honour where my body is now, where I would like to be and the journey in between.  Her warm nature immediately put me at ease and her knowledge is excellent when you need to appreciate limitations and how to progress.  A superb instructor. Becky, Office Manager