Group mat classes

In a mat class, the exercises are performed mostly on the mat, or standing, and sometimes you will use small pieces of equipment; resistance bands, balls etc. If you are free from significant injury, then these classes are suitable for you. If you are not sure, or you would like to talk it through or email me then please do get in touch.


You are very welcome to join a beginners mat work class, without any prior Pilates experience. This will be a great Pilates introduction.

If you would like to join any other (more advanced) mat work class, (with or without prior Pilates experience), it is necessary that you firstly do a private 1:1 session with me. This is a really good chance for me to meet you and discuss your relevant fitness/injury information and go through the Pilates fundamentals. As a result, I can assist you with the most suitable class choice and this helps me to go on and assist you in developing your technique and achieving your goals.

I have had one to one sessions with Nicola as well as joining in with a small group and, as someone who has been doing Pilates for a number of years now, I found her attentive and concerned that all of the movements and body positions were correct before moving on to the next. This is particularly good for me because over time it is easy to become complacent. The content of Nicola's classes has been geared to flow seamlessly and the whole class was most enjoyable.Thank you Nicola. Marilyn, Devon