Welcome to TrueBalance Pilates

TrueBalance Pilates Bristol was founded by Nicola Fry and offers group mat work and private 1:1 and 2:1 classes in Bristol. Nicola creates a friendly and lighthearted environment, allowing individuals to feel relaxed and at ease while developing a strong balanced body and mind.

As modern day humans we have a tendency to become disconnected from our physical selves; an hour of Pilates gives you an opportunity to slow down, tune in and focus on the body's innate movement patterns under control and precision. This results in a heightened sense of balance, awareness, an increase in strength and energy levels, and the reduction of pain and tension.


'Change happens through movement and movement heals'. Joseph Pilates  

I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from Nicola's 1:1 classes, she holds the space in a professional but relaxed way and I have every confidence in her knowledge and abilities as a Pilates instructor. Practising Pilates is an effective way to strengthen and balance the body and Nicola is a great ambassador for this respected discipline. Kate, Osteopath

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